Palm_ShepherdsPastoring the Pastors/Leaders

“Who pastors the pastors?” I have that privilege which is why I send out regular “Quick Notes” updates and encouragement, hold Pastor’s Round-table fellowships, and make myself available to meet with them personally as a top priority. Churches cannot be healthy if the pastor is not healthy!


Palm_Church_PlantingChurch Planting

“How do we plant churches most effectively?”  In consulting with our Florida Baptist Convention church planting strategists, sponsoring church pastors, and some of our current church planters, this is the best strategy that is emerging:

  1. Start a “Church Seed,” or weekday Bible study as a volunteer in a home(s) and grow it to 50 faithful folks or so.
  2. Launch your “Church Plant” with a weekend Worship Service as a volunteer or bi-vocational pastor in these initial years.
  3. Collaborate with Royal Palm and Florida Baptist to apply for church support (not pastoral support) for leases, projects, etc.
  4. Pray with your team about how much of your freed up funds will be applied to pastoral support.  You work for them, not the
    association, state convention, or denomination.


Palm_churches_of_Royal_PalmChurch Revitalization

Reversing a downward cycle or
resurrecting a dead church can be much harder that birthing a new church, but then, God is in the
resurrection business! Our consultant teams are available to stand with  you for this vital task.


praise and worshipPraise & Worship Consultation

As one of the hottest topics that pastors and churches deal with since personal praise and worship is so dear to the heart, “How to Solve the Worship Wars” has
become one of my favorite topics to share in a variety of ways. You will discover three Biblical dimensions of worship with a fourth one that totally encompasses all the others.


Facility Upchurch-blueprintgrades

From simple, inexpensive upgrades, to
remodeling, new construction, or the
purchase of new facilities, our teams are available to help you get more bang for the buck as good stewards of God’s funds.


Evangelism & DisPalm_small_groups_2cipleship/Small Groups

Whether it is “Lifestyle
“Sharing Jesus Without Fear,”
“Evangelism Explosion,” or
whatever, we are here to help you discover how to inspire your
people reach people… not to make converts, but to make disciples.

Referrals for personal consultation and resources:
Gayle Hahe, Royal Palm SS/Small Group Consultant
North Naples Baptist Church, Naples, FL
239.353.8570 or  *  *


Florida Baptist Children’s Homes 

“Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

 Matthew 19:14

Childrens Home for WebsiteSouthwest Florida      Children’s Home

4551 Camino Real Way, Fort  Myers FL 33966  239.275.7151

Foster Their Future – Sibling Groups.  Dependent teenagers.
Pregnant teens and babies upon delivery.

Foster parents are trained, licensed, caring adults who open their homes to children who desperately need a safe living environment because of adverse circumstances in their families. Foster parents serve as a substitute family until a more permanent placement that is in the child’s best interest can be developed, e.g., either placement with biological parent(s), relatives or an adoptive family.

At the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we recruit like-minded foster families who can demonstrate a Christian lifestyle to our foster children.

Click Here to request more information on becoming a foster parent for the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes.

Visit the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes website at

5481 Briarcliff Road ** Ft. Myers, FL 33912 **(239) 433-2292 ** Dr. Mark Gonzales, Exec. Director, DOM Jennifer Horton, Admin. Assistant **