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5 Quick Guides…

It’s a jungle out there… so to help you get your house in order, and to protect yourself and your church in our challenging journey through a post-Christian culture, here are printer-friendly versions of…

5 Quick Guides on 5 Hot Topics:

Constitution & Bylaws Guide

Setting Things in Order

7 Church Leadership Models

2 Paradigms for Church Planting

Autopsy of Deceased Church

The items above are what we covered in our most recent Pastors’ Round-table as we compared notes and shared hearts about what the Lord is up to these days in our association and convention.

Feel free to print them for your church family or send them the link to stay up to date as we link arms to build His Kingdom!

— Pastor Mark

God’s Hand in Royal Palm…

2015 ANNUAL DINNER/MEETING GUEST INTERVIEWS                God’s Hand through Royal Palm – 2015

FBC, Naples:  Hayes Wicker, lead pastor; Todd Stearns, worship;  Steve Hayes, counseling; Larry Rigley, senior adults;  David George, Hispanic ministry; (Bob Shubring, Protected Harbor)

New Pastors:  Gary Merkel, Interim specialist; Timothy Pigg FBC, Immokalee;  Gray Harwell. Olga BC; David Pleasant, CityGate (FBC, Ft. Myers);    In 2016:  Mitch Bradshaw, Lee Blvd. BC, Lehigh;  Chris Butler, North Naples BC;  Mardo Jimenez, Estates BC, Naples;  David Gold, Crossroads BC, Ft. Myers;    Open pulpits:  McGregor BC, Ft. Myers; Caloosa BC, LaBelle; Copeland BC, Copeland.

Pastors’ Networks:  Rony Prophete & Daniel Garcon- Haitian Pastors’ Network;  Hector Gomez & Dax Urbina- Hispanic Pastors’ Network;  Kevin Taylor- Student Pastors’ Network

Church Planting:  Kevin Bradley, New Life Church, Bonita-Sponsor church;  Kevin Fletcher, Connect Church, N. Naples- New church;  Nolen Rollins, Legacy Church, Estero- 3 Church Plants and GPS Life Journey

Best Practices:  Jim Wigton, FBC, Cape Coral- Sat. nights services;  Phil Simcosky, East Naples BC- Community partnering;  Ron Smith, Connection Church, Cape Coral-Relocation & Build-outs;  Shawn Critser, Beach BC, FM Beach- Retreat & Food panty ministry and SonCoast Coffee.

Partner Ministries:  Jim Wendorf, Faithful Life Publishing; Les Morgan, Royal Palm Counseling;  Tony Kerns, Life Touch Directories; Paul Hatfield, Biblical Stewardship

Children’s Ministries:  Kathy Miller & Melanie Musick, Lifeline Family Center, Cape Coral;  Rita Massey, McGregor BC, SW Florida Children’s Network/Chosen Conferences;  Amy Wiggins, Florida Baptist Children’s Home; Paola Quintero, SW Florida

Florida Baptist Convention:  Wayne Briant, S.W. Regional Catalyst; Mike Rhine, FB Financial Services;  Cindy Bradley & Carol Clark, Florida Baptist Women’s Ministry/Missions

Innovative Global Missions…

During the Wednesday morning “Sending Celebration” of the 2015 Southern Baptist Convention,  our newest missionaries of the International Mission Board (IMB) and North American Mission Board (NAMB) were commissioned for ministry in a very moving time of prayer and dedication.  Then,  new IMB president, David Platt, unfolded an incredibly innovative strategy of how to increase our missionary force from 4,700 to 100,000 with little cost and higher impact in the years ahead!  How?

1  Continue our fully funded force of 4700  missionaries overseas.
2  Inspire Christians to go as bi-vocational missionaries overseas.

3  Inspire youth to go as university students/missionaries overseas.
4  Inspire retirees to leave leisure lives to be missionaries overseas.
5  Inspire pastors to recruit folks to support or be one of the above.

The IMB will provide preparation, training, strategic placement, and networking with our current missionary force to tremendously strengthen and expand what we’re doing… while businesses, university scholarships, social security, and pensions pay for the expansion!  Brilliant!

A new day is not dawning in the SBC… it is already here, my friends. []

(View  Dr. Platt’s 11 minute message here:   Scroll the down arrow to Wednesday morning.  Scroll left and right arrows to select video entitled: “International Mission Board.”)


Which one is Sunrise?

Sunrise spectrumWhich of these actual photos, unaltered by Photoshop, was taken at sunrise?  The answer is… all of them… just at different days and hours during one of my daily prayer walks with the Lord last week.  On the foggy morning, He reminded me that even when we can’t see it, the sun is still there and it is still shining.

The obvious analogy is how our hearts and lives can get so foggy at times that it feels like the Son is not there, or if He is, He is certainly not shining on us.  But He is… always.  Whether it is a circumstantial fog, which may or may not clear up in time, or our own attitudinal fog which needs be cleared up, our Wonderful Counselor and Shining Son is right there.   That’s why He tells us to walk by faith, not by sight.  We just need to follow His gracious voice and look for Him with spirit eyes… both of which can pierce right through the fog.