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Sharing Jesus, Easily . . .

It is no secret that many Christians tend to feel intimidated in sharing Jesus and the gospel, especially in our current post Christian culture.  “How do I get started?”  “What do I say?”  “What if I can’t answer their questions?”  “What if they react?”  “How do I follow up?”  The same is true when we challenge them to disciple their young and their friends with a Biblical world view, right?

That is why after hearing these fears for over 30 years as a pastor myself, I have been creating a special message and some tools to dispel those fears and to encourage, equip, and empower God’s people to share the gospel. . . easily. . . fearlessly. . . and joyfully.

The secret in a nutshell  is to totally change the dynamic from trying to seemingly “sell” Jesus, to “offering” Him along with the gifts of prayer, conversation, a couple of books, and co-learning.  The difference is HUGE and I would be honored to offer this message and these tools personally on a Sunday morning with your church family.  Just give me a quick call, text, or email to set a date!

MESSAGE: Sharing Jesus Easily

Enter the Conversation  (“In the beginning was . . . “)

Offer the Conversation  (Offering to pray and learn together)

Continue the Conversation  (Giving a tool to talk about later)


95 Q Conv God COVER FRONTTOOL:  Conversations with God

A compact devotional book that offers co-learning and inspiration in:

Prayer * Evangelism * Discipleship * Basic Christianity *  Mentoring Moments * Systematic Theology * Biblical Theology * Applied Theology -

All in one handy volume with 95 prayers in classic Q & A’s and a “Mentoring Moment” to be read one minute a day.

1 SOGAM bookA children’s full color picture book version is also available for family devotionals with the 95 Q & A’s set to music in 10 songs and based on three classic catechisms from the Reformation era.  It is called: “The Story of God and Man.”  (Click titles to get a peek!)

I hope to hear from you to work together to get God’s people beyond their pews at church and sofas at home to share Jesus with a lost and dying world, just like He did!

Quick Guides/Hot Topics …

It’s a jungle out there . . . so to help yourself and your church journey through the challenges and crises that can easily confuse and entangle us,  click on the printer-friendly quick guide titles below to  view, forward, and/or print for your team to get headed in the right direction.

Quick Guides on Multiple topics:

Simple Complexity

Church Staff Status and the IRS


Hayes Wicker – Prayer session outline

Pastor Search Q & A

Sharp Disagreements

Making Appeals

Church Healing

Seasons of Change

Well Kept

7 Church Leadership Models

Trustees, Elders & Deacons

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

Ordination Questionnaire and Criteria

Ordination and Installation Service


Set Things in Order – 2021

Constitution & Bylaws

2 Paradigms for Church Planting

Kingdom Legacy Giving inserts 2

Jim Henry to Pastors

The items above cover some of the hottest questions we have had lately.  And I am happy to meet with you and your team to walk through them even more carefully.  No sense redesigning the wheel!

Covid Clarity

Three key reasons why all the Covid issues are such hot topics.    Click: Covid Clarity

The Skew Normal . . .

What is the new normal going to look like and how can we cope until we get there?  Click:  The Skew Normal

Our Corona-coaster . . .

Thinking deeper about how to cope with the very changed world that is now upon us.  Click:  Corona-coaster

What the Bible Says about Receiving His Joy

Click:  Receiving His Joy

2023 Summit – Program revised 101622 b

2023 AMS Summit Registration letter(1)


— Pastor Mark

God’s Hand Among Us …


How Southern Baptist life works

 [] VOLUNTARY                        [] NETWORKING

[] AUTONOMOUS                 [] DIVERSITY

[] COOPERATION                 [] FLUIDITY

[] CONSULTATION                [] STABILITY


 A New Florida Baptist Convention

 [] Streamlined, focused staffing

[] Greater focus on missional networking

[] More Coop. Program funds to the SBC

[] More funds to Florida ministries/partners

[] New model for state conventions

[] New, shared facilities in Jacksonville


 A New Royal Palm Association

 [] Streamlined/updated/full time/connected

[] Serving on State Board & Metro DOM team

[] More networking/active churches/plants

[] Updated, shared facilities in Ft. Myers

[] Home for dev. disabled men in November


 Give-away/Conversation starters:

[] Unpacked Parenting:   Pre-Evangelism tool for relational bridge

building. (Click title to get a peek)

[] Conversations w/ God:   Outreach devotional;     Prayer, Evangelism,  Discipleship, classic theology in one book.  (Click title to get a peek)

Which one is Sunrise?

Sunrise spectrumWhich of these actual photos, unaltered by Photoshop, was taken at sunrise?  The answer is… all of them… just at different days and hours during one of my daily prayer walks with the Lord last week.  On the foggy morning, He reminded me that even when we can’t see it, the sun is still there and it is still shining.

The obvious analogy is how our hearts and lives can get so foggy at times that it feels like the Son is not there, or if He is, He is certainly not shining on us.  But He is… always.  Whether it is a circumstantial fog, which may or may not clear up in time, or our own attitudinal fog which needs be cleared up, our Wonderful Counselor and Shining Son is right there.   That’s why He tells us to walk by faith, not by sight.  We just need to follow His gracious voice and look for Him with spirit eyes… both of which can pierce right through the fog.