Jungle path 2

Quick Guides/Hot Topics …

It’s a jungle out there . . . so to help yourself and your church journey through the challenges and crises that can easily confuse and entangle us,  click on the printer-friendly quick guide titles below to  view, forward, and/or print for your team to get headed in the right direction.

Covid Clarity

Three key reasons why all the Covid issues are such hot topics.    Click: Covid Clarity

The Skew Normal . . .

What is the new normal going to look like and how can we cope until we get there?  Click:  The Skew Normal

Our Corona-coaster . . .

Thinking deeper about how to cope with the very changed world that is now upon us.  Click:  Corona-coaster

What the Bible Says about Receiving His Joy

Click:  Receiving His Joy


Pastor Search Q & A

Sharp Disagreements

Making Appeals

Church Healing

Seasons of Change

Well Kept

7 Church Leadership Models

Trustees, Elders & Deacons

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

Ordination Questionnaire and Criteria

Ordination and Installation Service


Set Things in Order – 2021

Constitution & Bylaws

2 Paradigms for Church Planting

Kingdom Legacy Giving inserts 2

Jim Henry to Pastors

The items above cover some of the hottest questions we have had lately.  And I am happy to meet with you and your team to walk through them even more carefully.  No sense redesigning the wheel!

— Pastor Mark