Jungle path 2

Quick Guides/Hot Topics …

It’s a jungle out there… so to help protect yourself and your church in our challenging journey through a post-Christian culture, here are printer-friendly versions of…

7 Quick Guides on 7 Hot Topics:

Trustees Elders & Deacons 2018

Set Things in Order 2018

7 Church Leadership Models 2018

Autopsy of a Deceased Church 2018

Ordination and Installation Process 2018

Constitution & Bylaws

2 Paradigms for Church Planting

The items above are what we covered in our most recent Pastors’ Round-table as we compared notes and shared hearts about what the Lord is up to these days in our association and convention.

Feel free to print them for your church family or send them the link to stay up to date as we link arms to build His Kingdom!

— Pastor Mark