Jungle path 2

Quick Guides/Hot Topics …

It’s a jungle out there… so to help protect yourself and your church in our challenging journey through a post-Christian culture, here are printer-friendly versions of…

7 Quick Guides on 7 Hot Topics:

Kingdom Legacy Giving inserts 2

Trustees Elders & Deacons 2018

Set Things in Order 2018

7 Church Leadership Models 2018

Autopsy of a Deceased Church 2018

Ordination and Installation Service 2

Ordination Questionnaire and Criteria 2018

Constitution & Bylaws

2 Paradigms for Church Planting

The items above cover some of the hottest questions we have had lately.  And I am happy to meet with you and your team to walk through them even more carefully.  No sense redesigning the wheel!

— Pastor Mark