Which one is Sunrise?

Sunrise spectrumWhich of these actual photos, unaltered by Photoshop, was taken at sunrise?  The answer is… all of them… just at different days and hours during one of my daily prayer walks with the Lord last week.  On the foggy morning, He reminded me that even when we can’t see it, the sun is still there and it is still shining.

The obvious analogy is how our hearts and lives can get so foggy at times that it feels like the Son is not there, or if He is, He is certainly not shining on us.  But He is… always.  Whether it is a circumstantial fog, which may or may not clear up in time, or our own attitudinal fog which needs be cleared up, our Wonderful Counselor and Shining Son is right there.   That’s why He tells us to walk by faith, not by sight.  We just need to follow His gracious voice and look for Him with spirit eyes… both of which can pierce right through the fog.