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Sharing Jesus, Easily . . .

It is no secret that many Christians tend to feel intimidated in sharing Jesus and the gospel, especially in our current post Christian culture.  “How do I get started?”  “What do I say?”  “What if I can’t answer their questions?”  “What if they react?”  “How do I follow up?”  The same is true when we challenge them to disciple their young and their friends with a Biblical world view, right?

That is why after hearing these fears for over 30 years as a pastor myself, I have been creating a special message and some tools to dispel those fears and to encourage, equip, and empower God’s people to share the gospel. . . easily. . . fearlessly. . . and joyfully.

The secret in a nutshell  is to totally change the dynamic from trying to seemingly “sell” Jesus, to “offering” Him along with the gifts of prayer, conversation, a couple of books, and co-learning.  The difference is HUGE and I would be honored to offer this message and these tools personally on a Sunday morning with your church family.  Just give me a quick call, text, or email to set a date!

MESSAGE: Sharing Jesus Easily

Enter the Conversation  (“In the beginning was . . . “)

Offer the Conversation  (Offering to pray and learn together)

Continue the Conversation  (Giving a tool to talk about later)


95 Q Conv God COVER FRONTTOOL:  Conversations with God

A compact devotional book that offers co-learning and inspiration in:

Prayer * Evangelism * Discipleship * Basic Christianity *  Mentoring Moments * Systematic Theology * Biblical Theology * Applied Theology -

All in one handy volume with 95 prayers in classic Q & A’s and a “Mentoring Moment” to be read one minute a day.

1 SOGAM bookA children’s full color picture book version is also available for family devotionals with the 95 Q & A’s set to music in 10 songs and based on three classic catechisms from the Reformation era.  It is called: “The Story of God and Man.”  (Click titles to get a peek!)

I hope to hear from you to work together to get God’s people beyond their pews at church and sofas at home to share Jesus with a lost and dying world, just like He did!