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Supporting Pastors
Strengthening Churches
Connecting Ministries
The Royal Palm Association of Churches, S.B.C.

is a family of over 100 Southern Baptist Churches working together to reach Southwest Florida with the Gospel.

We serve the people of Lee, Collier, and Hendry counties by supporting Pastors, strengthening Churches, and connecting Ministries.

John 3:8, “The wind blows where He wishes …”

A Note from Dr. Mark Gonzales, Executive Director.
After pastoring and serving churches for over 40 years, here’s what I’ve found to be true.
Ministry always works better together.

That’s how God designed it. That’s how Jesus modeled it. That’s why the Royal Palm Association exists, and why we’re happy to serve people like you by supporting pastors, strengthening churches, and connecting ministries to reach Southwest Florida with the Gospel.

With my 40 years in pastoral ministry, church planting, and broadcasting, and Jennifer Horton’s 37 years as the Administrative Assistant here at Royal Palm, we are here to serve and encourage you as your “first call” for any ministry crisis, need, or strategic initiative that may arise!

Whether it’s supporting pastors through mutual encouragement, strengthening churches through consulting, resources, and crisis intervention, or connecting ministries through relationships, we’re here to support you in your calling!

Thanks for visiting our website, and feel free to check out my Helping You Hear God website for published articles, devotional videos, printable quick guides, radio broadcast archives, books, and more at markpg.org!

Gratefully serving the Lord with you,

Brother Mark